Hamann & Partner Ost-West Handel GmbH


Double w./Double circ. Newspaper printing
Ref.-No.: 276
Maker/type: MAN Colorman
Year built: 2002
Cut-off: 450 mm
Cyl.-circum.: 900 mm
Web width: 1200 mm
Speed: 45.000 U/h
Equipment: • 2x8 Reelstands loadings, Maker MAN Roland, Typ AUROload 2.1
• 3x Reel splicer, Maker MAN Roland, Typ CD-Paster 13, with split support arms
• 3x Infeed Units, Maker MAN Roland
• 3x 9er Satellites Printunits, each H over H, for rubber / Steelprint with Blanket cleaner
and Satellite washunit as well as one Supply and disposal system of the washing
systems including recycling plant
• 1x Moist water supply systems, Maker Technotrans, Type Gamma d 200 W/W
• 1 rotor bar maintenance unit
• 2 Turning bars each with 1 pair of turning bars
• 1 folder Superstructure each with 2 funnel levels
• 2 Punkture jaw folders KFZ 2:5:5 executed as two double folders, production splitting
of double folders
• 2x cylinder stitcher
• 1 Complete electric drive and control equipment PECOM Basic system
• 1 Extension of the control equipment PECOM Basic system with the stage PECOM
Productios-Manager (PPM)
• Complete paper guide and monitoring TECOSYS
• Automatic Paper Puller, WEBSYS
• Moist water supply Technotrans Type gamma
• cut-off register Graficontrol Type CR 19

Electric: 400 V, 50 cycles, 3 phases, individual drive